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But PSO2 is confronting a few looming menaces in the future that are seeking to slice a good deal of the pie out of a great deal of games (2077, Blue Protocol,'' Lost Ark, simply to name a couple). Is going to continue to change as a brand new console generation arrives and the video game market continues to get increasingly saturated by amazing games thinning the pool of Phantasy Star Online 2 player's time to game/money to shell out further and further. The age of any name monopolizing a member Phantasy Star Online 2 player foundation for several is all but gone.

Do you not realize that if it were not for Microsoft, Phantasy Star Online 2 would not have even made it? Also, it's phantasy Star. You believing that Phantasy Star Online 2 could be booming if they had done something is that you being delusional. Pso was a small, niche series. Sega themselves know the reason why they were hesitant to release and spend what is int Phantasy Star Online 2 to start with from the West. I believe you are the one that's delusional. Can you not see how successful Dragon Hunter World is? Clear effect of handling a launching 10, in the result. Phantasy Star Online 2 has been accessible on XBOX and PS4 from the beginning with a clear timeline and information to the PC launch.

Whoever in SEGA that was responsible for the series of retarded decisions that resulted in the collapse of the company within an industry giant into a niche software developer never took responsibility and remains screwing the company over. From how they have managed their IPs post Dreamcast.Are you seriously comparing creature hunter into 18, it shows? Monster hunter has been always much more popular compared to pso. MHW is a victory since Phantasy Star Online 2 brings a mainstream audience. It has artwork and images, effortless and quite impactful combat to follow along with nature, is casual and simple to grind.

Pso is none of that. Thinking that when pso was promoted"properly" it will be a mainstream success or anything outside a small cult following is delusional.Check your own info. PSO sold a million copies and came out in 2001. Dragon Hunter 1 sold a million copies and came out in 2004. My figures Both came from Wikipedia. The shit show from the launching window in failure and 2012 to convey resulted in one series while another has a bright future flopping.

Games came out from the monster hunter show since then? And how many of these were more effective? Let's not talk about MHW. You have to realize individuals are going to judge a book from its cover. MHW is a really attractive looking game. It's a lot of mainstream appeal, As I said. Pso2 does not. MH had been a market game prior to MH World's launch it became a more mainstream title. PSO was also a very niche game, that had the opportunity for getting a mainstream title, but had that squandered due to inadequate conclusion on Sega's role (unsurprising when you remember how they manage the entire Sonic brand). That's all his purpose was.

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